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Profile Pieces - the artists who put it all together!

Our contributors who supply our great range of images from around the country often go to great lengths create them. That's why we provide them a good percentage from each jigsaw sale.
We'd like to find out more about them with 10 questions about their artistic practice.
First up is Shane Farmer, a photographer from the Sunshine Coast
Q1. How did you start out as a photographer?
A. I started my photography back in the film days and was developing in a dark room. Gave it up when that camera died and restarted just 3 years ago.
Q2. What is your favourite subject to photograph & why?
A. Sunrise seascape is my favourite subject just to shoot closely followed by waterfalls.
Q3. What is your biggest challenge as a photographer/artist?
A. Biggest challenge is getting out enough.
Q4. What’s your next or dream destination to photograph?
A. Croatia and surrounding countries or New Zealand. Really love the landscape and mountains.
Q5. Social media - love it or hate it? What platforms do you use?
A. Love social media but it can get a bit much at times. I mainly use Instagram but also a little Facebook.
Q6. What equipment do you use, favourite lens?
A. Fujifilm XT-2 with 18-55mm lens is an absolute weapon.
Q7. How do you know when your photo editing/painting/drawing is finished?
A. Never truly know cause I always look back over images
and think I should’ve done this. But when I post it I guess.
Q8. What’s the most difficult/challenging place you’ve photographed?
A. Windy sea conditions are always challenging.
Q9. What is one question you’d like to be asked and have never been?
A. Are you a professional photographer 😆
Q10. What do you think about having jigsaws made from your images/artworks?
A. Was and am still very stoked to see my images as a jigsaw puzzle. Was a proud achievement.

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