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Jaime Dormer


Jaime is an Australian born & based professional landscape & travel photographer, he has captured images from all over the world, from all seven continents and almost one hundred countries.   

Jaime runs a successful online photography business for many years, and has recently added to his flourishing enterprises, his own state of the art print lab and Fine Art Photographic Gallery where you can view and purchase his magnificent open & limited edition prints.  

Where he finds the time and energy we can only assume comes from his passion for the world around him, spending most of every year travelling extensively on all seven continents he seems to have limitless energy when it comes to capturing the earths beauty. Ansel Adams said "To capture a good photograph is knowing where to stand." Jaime certainly knows where to stand, photographically, in business and perhaps most importantly morally. Generous with his time and knowledge you could not hope to meet a more humble yet driven man in any industry. 

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