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Sean Strecker

FalconView was established in early 2015 in Brisbane, Australia by avid photographers and technology enthusiasts when drone photography proved to be a perfect blend of our creative flair and tech know-how. We turned our favourite pastime into a commercial venture, and now get to do what we love every day — every customer benefiting from our passionate approach and keen eye for detail!

Advancements in drone technology have created this incredible new avenue for framing the kind of shots previously only possible from high-priced passenger aircraft, but great photos and videos don’t take themselves. At FalconView, we were experienced photographers before we learned to fly, so we know what looks good, and have the post processing skills to make the best shots even better.

We are now based on the beautiful Gold Coast, where our talents go hand in hand with the stunning surroundings. Whether it be capturing photos of prestige properties on the canals, or tourism focussed videos showcasing what the GC has to offer, FalconView is the smart choice.

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