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Sizes with larger pieces

25 piece jigsaw (170mm x 170mm)

120 piece jigsaw (345mm x 310mm)

Great for kids and the older generation

• Pieces are easier to hold and arrange together

• 25 piece jigsaw (170mm x 170mm) pieces average size 34mm

• 120 piece jigsaw (345mm x 310mm) pieces average size 30mm 

• 500XL piece jigsaw (700mm x 500mm) pieces average size 27cm


• Australian Birds & Wildlife

• Wide range of locations and regions

• Aboriginal Artwork

• Historical Maps & Illustrations 



 Benefits of Jigsaws

• Improved Memory
• Increased IQ
• Delay Dementia & Alzheimer's
• Lower Stress Levels
• More education opportunities


• Made in Australia 
• Larger 500 & 1000 piece sizes 
• Packaged in study pieces cardboard boxes
• Images printed on photographic paper with light fast inks
• Photo printed on lid

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