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Andrew Bertuleit

Andrew is a professional photographer based in Dimboola, Victoria.

The images are representative of over 10 years of looking for interesting things to photograph. He's driven many thousands of kilometres, walked a whole lot and flown in a bunch of planes and helicopters to take them, all so he could sell the prints at his gallery in order to pay for those helicopters, plan the next trip and buy yet another lens.

Andrew spent around ten years living in the Melbourne CBD so got to know it well. Even so, it’s not like he can say he'll ever be finished shooting the city because of how quickly everything changes - a great skyline panorama one year can look dated the next. 

In November 2021, Andrew left Melbourne and has a new gallery in Dimboola, (roughly halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide) - drop in at 85 Lloyd St, Dimboola if you're in the area.

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