There may be up to a 6 WEEK delay in the manufacture of jigsaw puzzles as we catch up on the backlog of orders...this information is current as of Fri 10th July.

Please note we do not hold stock and jigsaws are made to order.

Ordered between 17th - 31st May

Orders from 17th - 31st May have been mostly made & posted with the remainder to be sent on Mon 13th July.

Orders from 1st - 10th June are scheduled to be made & posted during the week of 13th July.

Customers were advised of up to a 6 week delay in manufacture which was the estimated at that time but despite our best efforts it's now stretching out to 6 - 8 weeks...we hope you can wait a bit longer but understand it's a long wait and refunds are available.

We've pushed very hard for 3 months with little break which has resulted in some negative health impacts that we now need to manage...each jigsaw is custom made so there is a daily production limit.

Our photographers & artists appreciate it greatly as many of their incomes have been substantially reduced.

Jigsaws, jigsaws & more jigsaws!

**Jigsaw Box Variation**

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