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Aussie Grass Tree
Aussie Grass Tree

Aussie Grass Tree

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The Xanthorrhoea or colloquially known, grass tree is uniquely an Australian plant which epitomises the Australian landscape and is as tough as goats' knees. It will withstand drought and endure Bush-fires that burn the foliage and blacken the stump although this will often encourage flower development.

When it does flower it produces spikes which can grow up to two metres and then turn brown. It can take 20 years for just the trunk of a grass tree to form and it will take years for one to reach its full height but they are an iconic site in the Outback.

SKILL LEVEL:  Easy, designed for children, larger pieces and fewer in number. Good for those that find small pieces difficult or hard to manage in their fingers.

©Jaime Dormer

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