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Australian Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

View our range of Australian animal jigsaw puzzles below.

Have a look through more than 50 unique jigsaw designs featuring animals native to Australia and also some of our favourite animals in general.

Putting together jigsaw puzzles is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy. Doing a jigsaw by yourself or with friends/family is a great activity to challenge your brain and enjoy each others company.

Aussie Animal Jigsaw Puzzle Sizes:

Our jigsaws come in a range of sizes including:

- 1000 piece jigsaw;

-Ā 750Ā piece jigsaw;

- 500 XL jigsaw (larger pieces);

- 500 piece jigsaw;

- 260 piece jigsaw;

-120 piece jigsaw;

- 25 piece jigsaw (larger pieces).

*PleaseĀ note: The images displayed are a digital representation of the product & the actual jigsaw may vary slightly.