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Heading to Sydney today for our latest profile with Daniel Tran Photography

Daniel is a landscape and commercial photographer living in Sydney with over 8 years of experience in the photographic industry...whether it’s exploring new or old places he always enjoys being out in nature. Through his photographic work, he seeks to capture his experiences of the natural world and travels.

Q1. How did you start out as a photographer/artist?

A.My journey into photography started early on in my teenage years where I picked up a camera for my first time during a holiday and began photographing anything and everything that seemed interesting to me, I was intrigued by the whole process involved with photography and was eager to learn as much as I could. Shortly after, I then discovered landscape photography and it very quickly became my main passion.

Q2. What is your favourite subject to photograph & why?

A. I don’t have a particular subject that I would say is my favourite to photograph as I equally enjoy capturing a range of subjects from cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes for different reasons. However, the common element that I am drawn to when out photographing is interesting light or weather.

Q3. What is your biggest challenge as a photographer/artist?

A.It definitely would be not having enough hours in the day to get everything done. Keeping on top of everything and managing my own photography business can be tough work at times but I wouldn’t choose any other job.

Q4. What’s your next or dream destination to photograph?

A. I have a few photography projects I am working on throughout various locations around Australia over the coming months. My dream destination to photograph would be Lord Howe Island or Antarctica.

Q5. Social media - love it or hate it? What platforms do you use?

A. Both – I do go through stages of spending way too much time on social media to then needing to take a break from it for a little while. With that being said, I’ve mostly had a positive experience using social media and am very grateful for all the amazing opportunities that I have gotten through having a social media presence. I’ve also met some incredibly talented people through social media. Currently, my main social media platform that I use is Instagram - @_danieltran_

Q6. What equipment do you use, favourite lens?

A. I use the Canon 5DMKIV and Canon 5DMKIII. My favourite lens would be the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 III. I love the wide-angle perspective and it’s super sharp.

Q7. How do you know when your photo painting is finished?

A. I have a specific post-processing workflow checklist that I work through whenever editing a photo. Once I think it’s finished and get to the end of the checklist if time permits I usually let the image sit for a few days and come back to the image with fresh eyes to see if there are any further changes or refinements required.

Q8. What’s the most difficult/challenging place you’ve photographed?

A. I can’t think of a specific place that I’ve found the most challenging to photograph but my last trip to Tasmania proved to be quite challenging, mainly because the conditions weren’t really ideal for photography and it was tough work to produce images that I was happy with.

9. What is one question you’d like to be asked and have never been?

A. Can’t think of any

10. What do you think about having jigsaws made from your images?

A. With the rate of content being consumed daily on social media, I think it’s pretty cool to have someone that enjoys my work enough to purchase a jigsaw and to view my work in the way it was intended to be displayed in print form.

View Daniel's collections of images available as jigsaws at

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