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Wirnpa Jukurrpa (Lightning Dreaming)

Wirnpa Jukurrpa (Lightning Dreaming)

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*Please note that image is a digital representation & actual jigsaw may vary slightly.

This will be a difficult jigsaw to complete in 1000 pieces.

Why choose an Aboriginal Artwork Puzzle from Jigsaw Gallery?

  • Australian Made & Owned: Genuine Australian made jigsaw puzzles customised to fit your needs.

  • Supporting Australian Photographers & Aboriginal Artists: Our contributors make a decent commission from each jigsaw sale to help support their artistic practice.

  • Variety of Puzzles: We offer a wide variety of jigsaw puzzles in Australia including locations, wildlife, aboriginal artwork jigsaws, historic maps, aerial imagery of cities and towns etc.

  • Buy Online: Our simple checkout is 100% secure and takes only minutes to complete your order.

  • Australia-Wide Delivery: Wherever you are, we’ll deliver your jigsaw!

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